Customer research

Talk with your customers to gain insights you can’t get other ways

Even the smartest product team can’t answer every design question. It's important to talk with and observe your customers. Let us build the best customer research plan for your project.

Customer visits

Interviewing your customers demonstrates how differently they all use your product. It's really enlightening. We talk with them, learn how they use your products now, and get insights into what they need in the future.

We build personas that describe customer categories as we learn about them. We share the personas with your team so everyone has the same understanding of who the product is for.

"Visiting just two customers proved to us that it wasn’t worth building a big project management feature we were considering. We saved a lot of time and money with those visits."
– Jim Newman, Director of Strategy and Business Development, BuildingGreen LLC

Usability studies

A structured setting for observing customers work individually, either in person or remotely. Read about what you can learn in a usability study. Usability studies are different from focus groups, where people talk about having done something previously. Here we're observing them do actual work, and you'll be amazed at what you see.

"What we saw him do wasn't what we expected."
– A team member, watching his first usability session

Design Workshop

Our Design Workshop uncovers product requirements and quickly leads to prototyping. Working in small groups, team members uncover requirements and sketch out their ideas. Sketching makes it much more than just a brainstorming session. We invite people from all around your company, and include customers to learn from them.


We can get large amounts of data from a survey once we know the right questions to ask. That knowledge often comes form customer visits and other research. Formulating the questions is very important; here's a good book to start with Credible Checklists and Quality Questionnaires: A User-Centered Design Method .